Catching Up!

Do you ever have those days where you’ve got so much on your mind that you can’t really focus on anything? You’re dreading how slowly time will move through the day because you can’t collect yourself enough to get anything done? Sometimes I feel like a hummingbird flitting around from here to there, never spending much time anywhere or on anything.

That is definitely today. I have been trying to get some things taken care of in my life but I keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. There is a lot of things up in the air at the moment and all my family can do is what and see where the pieces fall. This has been weighing heavily on me and distracting me lately. So, with all that in mind, I’m going to catch you up on the things I have been working on since I posted last. I’m grateful that I finished the animal hats and was able to move on to new (and not new) things.

I’m trying to expand my shop past hats and booties right now. I have some patterns for shrugs and boleros that are going to get worked on soon, but I started with a beautiful summer top that I found here. Isn’t this beautiful?top

I also love the color. It’s perfect for spring and summer.

The beautiful thing about my experience so far is that it’s been so easy so far. At first, I was huddled over my kindle, reading the directions for the row over and over as I crocheted it out, but as I got into the rhythm it started to fly by. I shared a picture on my facebook page of it maybe a few inches tall and here it is now. It’s obviously not done, but I am almost done with one side. edited summer top


I am so in love already. I know that this is going to get worn by me more than a few times. 🙂 I am about 4 inches away from being done with this piece. Then I start all over on an identical piece. Once they are both done I have a little bit to do to attach the shoulders together (according to the pattern) and then just stitch the sides together! Easy peasy.

Now I try not to celebrate too much when patterns come together really easily because I know that the next pattern may just kick my butt. But much to my surprise, the next pattern didn’t.

I guess I should tell you that I love baby hats and booties (as if you couldn’t tell in my shop). They are just so tiny and precious so I love to make them. It’s especially poignant to me at this time because opening this Etsy shop and spending so much time between James and crocheting has helped me not focus on having another baby. When James was 7 months (back in April) we were under the assumption that hubby was getting deployed in about a year. We really wanted to have kids close in age since we’re only planning on having two and hope that they will be good friends. Luckily, the deployment was cancelled so now we don’t have a time constraint. But from the time James was 9 months to 15 months, we were trying to conceive a sibling for him. My baby fever was unbearable. It was terrible months of tracking days and taking tests. Lucky for us I got pregnant right away in May, but it was a chemical pregnancy, meaning that I lost it around 4 weeks. It was pure devastation that I’d known one time before (before James). Obviously we kept trying for a long time and it just wasn’t happening. So we took December off. And we’ll probably take this month off, too. And what a relief it has been. But it wouldn’t be so easy for me to just step back if I didn’t have this to fall on.

So back to crocheting. This next pattern is a really cute baby bootie (more of a boot style than I’d tried before). They work so fast and easy. (You can find the pattern here.) I sat down Sunday night and found this pattern and immediately pulled out my yarn. I made the pair to it last night and listed them in the shop. Here’s how they look.

best booties2 best booties4

I adore these so much. Obviously they can be made in any color that baby sport weight yarn comes in and I think they are so sweet! I had zero problems making them and will love making them again. I had to list them right away in hopes that someone buys a pair so I can make them again (I really don’t need any more pairs just lying around with nowhere to go).

Between these two projects I have been working on the baby blanket that I previously posted about. I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten about 4 or 5 inches added to it and think I have decided on a good width to end it on. I still need to figure out the dimensions that I want to use for blankets to sell with the complete baby bundle (blanket, booties, and hat. what more could you need?). But I’ll be glad to get this one done so it’ll stop leering at me in the back of my mind.

That is all that’s going on with me at the moment. I did buy some yarn to start on some purses, and I’ll continue with this summer top. After that we’ll continue into the world of shrugs and boleros. It should be interesting..

Thanks for reading!



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